about us

<em><strong>victoria sutrisno</strong> </em>- founder & director
victoria sutrisno – founder & director

Victoria is a senior attending Jakarta Intercultural School in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is 17 years of age and has lived in Jakarta her entire life. One of her hobbies includes film photography, in which she captures photos amidst greater meaning within.

<em><strong>dylann tjahaja</strong></em> - head writer and co-director
dylann tjahaja – head writer and co-director

Dylann is attending the British School of Jakarta and is currently in Year 13. Driven by admiration and curiosity towards aspects of life such as music, film, and psychology, he utilizes a variety of creative forms as a means to express his individuality as well as his experiences.

<strong><em>emma handoko</em></strong> - student editor/writer & media designer
emma handoko – student editor/writer & media designer

Emma is a 17-year-old senior at Jakarta Intercultural School. She is Indonesian but has lived in California, Shanghai, Taipei, and Jakarta, and enjoys the subjects of English and the humanities. She is a major food addict who loves traveling and experiencing new places, aesthetics, people, cultures, and cuisines.

<em><strong>cornellius suhartono</strong></em> - student photographer
cornellius suhartono – student photographer

Cornel is a 16-year-old photographer who mainly bases his photos on fine art and street photography. He believes that photos have the same ability as paintings or sculpture to communicate a message. Some series of photographs he took have a varied spread of meanings and emotions it ranging from love and vibrance to dull and dark. He plans to make photography a more well-known category for what people consider as art throughout the world.

<em><strong>indiana burton menajang</strong></em> - student photographer
indiana burton menajang – student photographer

Indi started doing photography not long ago. He always had a passion for photography and when he was younger, he only used his phone to take even the simplest photos. From his experience, he believes that he never had a single best photo because there is always something to improve in photography. Finally, he also believes that photography isn’t just about capturing special moments, but it’s also a way of appreciating nature and one’s culture.

<em><strong>rosalee estridge </strong></em>- student editor & writer
rosalee estridge – student editor & writer

Rosalee is a 17-year-old currently schooling in the United Kingdom. She has a strong passion for writing books, articles or journals on any topics that she feels are pressing enough to do so. She finds performing arts and creativity as an expressive outlet for struggles teenage life throws at her.

<em><strong>emily teo </strong></em>- publicity
emily teo – publicity

Emily is 15 years old and a sophomore at the Jakarta Intercultural School. She was born in Sydney, Australia, but has lived in Jakarta her whole life. Even though she was raised in Jakarta, Emily still loves to travel the world, visit different places, and discover new things about the world. Emily’s interests include reading new books and binging whatever is new on Netflix.

<em><strong>miyake keinaka </strong></em>- student photographer & artist
miyake keinaka – student photographer & artist

Miyake is a student with many endeavors. She is passionate about various subjects varying from visual arts in which she explores through different mediums ranging from fine arts, Film, Media, and Photography. Miyake believes in creating effective social change through the power of deeply rooted self-reflections on individuality and the society we live in today. She encourages the passing of wisdom through writing and art to help accompany anyone’s experiences throughout life as we grow.